How Unique Selling Proposition Can Grow Your Business

Girlfriends, what is your USP?

Girlfriends, what is your USP?

First, what is a USP? It is your Unique Selling Proposition. What sets you apart from others in the same field? More importantly, what is unique about you and your business – something “special”, something your main competition cannot or does not provide?

Price? Loan type? Your hours? Service? Whatever it is, make sure this unique quality (we will call this your Unique Selling Proposition or USP) is the heart of all your marketing efforts. Once you have nailed it down, make it the foundation of your marketing. You must defend yourself by making sure that any promises you make in your USP are always fulfilled.

For example: Do not promise a 20-day loan closing if you cannot produce that consistently or promise more loan options if you only have a few.

Your clients will hold you responsible even if they do not say a word upon learning you cannot deliver on your promise. Clients want results and they expect promises to be kept.

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