Testimonials from Previous Mastermind Retreats

2019 Chicago Attendee Testimonials

I wanted to thank you for putting on such a great event.  Very professionally managed and executed – Bravo!

We’ve all been buzzing about our take-aways and who’s going to implement what. We’re working on an agenda for regular get -togethers with the Homeside girls.  We don’t see each other but maybe once a year so this was good for each of us individually and also as a team.  We learned a lot about each other and I think the event created a sincere desire to do more to help one another.

I also felt like it was well rounded for anyone at any stage of their career.  I personally do plan to dig deeper into where I want to be in the next 2-5 years which will include a slow but gradual exit and passing of the torch.  I do hope I can continue to bring value to the industry like you ladies have.  Karen you are a great leader and inspiration and Jenna you are amazing at execution.

I’ll see you next year and I suspect with a bigger Homeside group!

Jamie Harrington

Such an incredible event each year! Thank you Karen.

Tammy Butler

Awesome event!!!!❤️

Carla Spragg

Truly inspiring!♥️

Charlene Rawson

I was excited for weeks leading up to the event, and it far surpassed my expectations. Thank you! 🔥

Julia Brown

Absolutely one of your best events to date!! The energy in the room was amazing and I love watching women help women in our fabulous industry. Thank you Karen, for making it all happen.

Jean Bradley

Mortgage Girlfriends Mastermind in Chicago was wonderful event.  Karen Deis and her team created a thought-provoking couple of days! ~ Bill Dallas, President of Finance of America, Guest Speaker at the 2019 Chicago Mortgage Girlfriends Mastermind Retreat

Bill Dallas, President, Finance of America & Guest Speaker at 2019 Chicago Mortgage Girlfriends Mastermind Retreat

Amazing sharing and discussions. Where else can you obtain so much information openly.
You rock Karen and Jenna!

Sherry Olsen

Thank you Karen & Jenna for another amazing MG Retreat!! This was certainly one of the best!! I am grateful for each of you that participated, for showing up, being your authentic self and sharing so much! Mortgage Girlfriends has been a life changing group for me personally, I always feel I gain, so much more than I can give. Great to see all of you!

Danielle Boote

2019 Conference is a wrap.  It feels like Christmas morning after all the gifts have been unwrapped and you are exhausted and wondering what to play with first…

Sarah Marchi

Thank you Karen & Jenna for another amazing retreat. I am so humbled again by the amazing speakers & women that I have met through Mortgage Girlfriends. This group has truly changed my life. Thank you again.

Adriene Rehiel

Just got back from one of my most favorite mortgage conferences of all time!!!!! 🏡❤️

Thank you Karen Deis and “Mortgage Girlfriends” for organizing such an amazing group of speakers- Ginger Bell, Christine Beckwith Stiles, Bill Dallas, Tammy Butler, Kelly McGuinness, Louise Thaxton and Terri Murphy

I’m so excited to implement all of the great ideas (education, videos, giving customers even more value, etc…), I already started on the plane home!

Jeannine Smith

A big, big thank you to Karen and Jenna for such an awesome Girlfriends Retreat and to all of our girlfriends for sharing ideas, inspiration and honesty.

Michele Catoire

Thank you for another wonderful event.  I can’t even imagine how much time and effort that each of you put into this event to make it run smoothly. The speakers were wonderful and I met some awesome new Girlfriends. I’ve already started making some changes to my social media and my daily routine.  Look out 2020; I’m going to knock it out of the park!

Julie Krumholz

It was a fabulous Event!   I use this event to recharge my creative side, working on loans at a computer all day has a way of killing your creativity.  This event helps me get that back!   Although I am tired I am ready to roll!   Have a great week ahead ladies!!

Vikki Plagens

You are all amazing! So thankful I was able to be in your space. Great seeing you! Keep  rockin! Last 90 days of 2019 let’s roll!

Janine Iuliano

What an amazing event. I look forward to going every year!

Pam Schubert

It was such an amazing event and I was honored to be able to speak at this special event. So much power and passion!

Ginger Bell

Thank you for hosting the retreat. I left so inspired and moved by the speakers and other women that I met. I look forward to connecting with and learning from all of them!

Tori Woolley

Having an amazing time. Filling our tanks with great ideas and new friends.

Sonya Pitt

Hi ladies!!! I wanted to tell you all what an amazing time I had these past few days!!! You all inspired me so much!!!  Thank you Karen Deis and Jenna and all the great presenters. Thank you again to Ruth Vogt for introducing me to this fantastic event and all of you Girlfriends. If you are ever in Tampa, let me know and we can meet for some “wine” ing!!!

Jeannine Smith

What a great day! Thank you to everyone who presented today and all the great information – what an amazing group of women, and I am grateful to be a part of this group.

Cindy Allen

Thank you so much Karen and Jenna! You put together such a stupendous conference. Absolutely loved the info, the energy and the connections. You both rock!!

Karin Sorensen

I just got home from Mortgage Girlfriends & I just wanted to say what a Great event. What a Fabulous group of Strong Women with unbelievable gifts. I cannot wait to implement the great ideas & continue these Beautiful Friendships. Thank you all for a great experience & I look forward to a long lasting future!!!

Adrienne Rehiel

Thank you, Karen and Jenna. Can’t wait to go through all my notes and start to implement ideas!!

Lisa Ziebarth

Thank you Karen and Jenna for another amazing time! Such wonderful group of divas! I have learned so much from these ladies!!! Thank you!

Pam Schubert
My first Girlfriends retreat in the books. It was amazing to meet so many wonderful and determined ladies. The speakers were inspiring and gave me new focus.
Thank you to Karen, Jenna and all my new girlfriends!!
Julie Krumholz

Another great event, thank you so much Karen and Jenna for your amazing work in always putting together a fabulous line up. It was so amazing to see the impact this had on the new ladies to the event. I remember the almost spiritual feeling I had after my first time:) I hope everyone made it home safe! GO FORTH AND CONQUER!

Vikki Plagens

Loved being around all of you this week! It’s just what I needed! Have a great rest of the year and keep kickin A$$ proud of you!

Janine Iuliano

What an amazing group of ladies. Thank you everyone for your great ideas, your encouragement and your inspiration! I feel like this has been life changing in so many ways! Thank you Karen and Jenna! Such a fantastic agenda and event. Can’t wait for next year! So great meeting you all in person! I have implemented at least 10 things so far and shared many with my LO ladies here.  We are now starting an accountability meeting every Monday AM to keep each other moving upward in our business! I can’t wait to bring all 3 of us next year!! I am so thankful I attended!

Michele Catoire

Thank you Karen and Jenna for coordinating 2018 Mortgage Girlfriends Mastermind Retreat last week. The topics were relevant, interesting and in some cases very eye opening (Compliance!) . Speakers were generous in sharing their honest insights on success and life in general. So many takeaways and everyone I met and interacted with has left a lasting impression. I have implemented Stoplight method in my calendar today for the week (as a start) and will continue each week thereafter. Thank you again!  I am still basking in the experience and want to hold on to it as long as possible.

Cathy Savaglio

Not only was the conference/mastermind put on with excellence, attention to detail and super content…. it was warm and wonderful! I instantly felt like family to you all!  I had a GREAT time learning from and sharing with YOU!! And the LAUGHTER !! This Mastermind retreat was like no other I have ever attended! Massive massive amounts of GREAT information… Practical to use in my market! This was my first year to attend and I felt like I was at a wonderful family reunion! Such a warm and loving atmosphere! Thank U thank U thank U everyone! I’m already looking forward to next year!

Deb Freeman