Mitigate Your Stress at Work

Girlfriends, we know what stress is but what can we do to mitigate it at work?

Girlfriends, we know what stress is but what can we do to mitigate it at work?


An organized workplace means a place for everything. This implies no scattered papers and files everywhere, pens and pencils scattered, no spilt coffee, no empty bottles and cans laying around.  Organization implies the arrangement of your desk to allow you to work efficiently and effectively.

Organization is the key to productivity. When clutter accumulates or distractions are up, our performance suffers which can lead to stress. When you organize your time, tasks, and calendar it becomes easier to streamline your work.

Keep Everything You Need Within Reach – Take inventory of everything you use on a regular basis to get things done at the office. These include pens, pencils, files, notepads, calendars, and anything else you use. Keeping these items within reach will maximize productivity and make organization easier.

Toss the Non-Essentials – Clutter is a distraction. Of course, you can keep your pictures, or gifts that you like to display but cutting out non-essentials will make a workspace more functional and productive. If you have not used something in the past three to six months, get rid of it or store it away somewhere off your desk and out of sight. When storing it keep it in a file that is marked so you can get to it if necessary.

Keep Paperwork in Its Place – Stacks of paperwork are one of the biggest organization downfalls. Create a one-touch filing system instead of letting paperwork stack up. Have a separate file for each loan and keep your current loans and past loan files separate. If you keep paper copies of loan programs keep those in separate files so when something is updated, you can toss the old one and replace it with the new one. When a new document crosses your desk either work on it, trash it or file it once the loan is complete go back through the file and get rid of anything that is not essential or toss the entire file.

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