The Power of the Wonder Woman Cuff

Maybe I’m a little obsessed with Wonder Woman!

But do you know the story behind the Wonder Woman Cuffs?

Just a little trivia before I get started – in the original Wonder Woman comics and TV programs, she wore a bracelet.  In the newer versions (and the recent movie) she wore golden cuffs.

But, they both served the same purpose (from Wiki)…. The bracelets were magically made to be indestructible by Aphrodite. The bracelets were useful, as magically indestructible gauntlets they could be used to deflect bullets, energy weapons, and any murderous weapons.

Here’s the thing that I have heard during some of my diva strategy calls:

Some of us are afraid to question the company rules/underwriting decisions (especially if they don’t make sense to you).

Others are too timid to call on real estate agents and ask for their referrals.

And there are others who feel that they are not getting the respect or recognition the same as the men in their office.

The symbolism here is that as women, we have the power and the cuffs to make a difference in the lives of your mortgage clients, real estate agents and their personal lives.

When you are confronted with an issue and feel powerless, stand up and do the “Wonder Woman Pose.”

Then imagine that you are wearing your magical Wonder Woman cuffs (or it could just be your diamond tennis bracelet).


I am fairly certain that it will change your mindset and you will feel and act in a more confident and powerful way.

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