Don’t Wait To Be Asked to Become Mentor

The one thing that I hear from mortgage girlfriend members is that they wish they had a mentor who would take them under their wing and share their expertise. 

My goal as a co-founder is to mentor mortgage women—but I can’t do it alone. 

Here’s what I know for sure—there are not enough women mentors!

Another thing that I know for sure is that women are afraid to ask someone to mentor them—because of the fear that the person will say no.

Instead of waiting to be asked—consider seeking out another women and OFFER to become her mentor. 

What does it take to be a good mentor? 

  1.  Willingness to share your skills, knowledge and expertise

  2.  Success in your own business

  3.  Personally interested in that woman’s success

  4.  Scheduling time on a regular basis

  5.  Providing guidance and constructive feedback

  6.  Motivating others by setting a good example

  7.  Non-judgmental attitude

  8.  Willingness to learn new strategies, read articles and attend seminars

  9.  Has their own personal and professional goals

  10.  Willingness to help the mentee become successful too.

Take a look around your office.

Is there another woman that you can take under your angel wings and become their mentor? 

Even Wonder Woman has a mentor!