Sunday Evening Blues

I used to hate Sunday evenings.

The weekend was great – that is, until 7 pm rolled around and I would get what is called the “Sunday Evening Blues.”

Tomorrow would be Monday.  I needed to check my calendar and plan what tasks I need to complete on Monday.  I needed to check to see what my children and husband had going on.  I needed to check on my files in process. 

Yep, I started worrying about the week ahead on Sunday evening. 

Do you get the Sunday Evening Blues too? 

So, here’s what I did to make sure that I fully enjoyed my 48-hour weekends – and eliminated some of the stress associated with Mondays. 

Before leaving the office on Friday, I created a “to do” list of things that needed to be done the following Monday.  It included family commitments for the next week.

I made a copy of the list and reviewed it on Sunday morning (yes, in the morning).  After a quick look-see (and a review with my family) I was ready to fully celebrate Sunday and not worry about (and lose sleep over) what needed to be done the next day. 

While you may have to spend an extra 15 or 20 minutes on Fridays, I can assure you that by taking the extra time, you’ll take back your Sundays and walk into your office on Monday – ready to seize the day! 

What have you done to eliminate stress over the weekend?