22 Recommendations to Improve Your Life

The list I’m about to share with you was recently published in the Huffington Post.

Here’s what I did when I read the list—I checked off the things that I am doing now, and then I chose one of them to work on in the next several months.   My hope is to check off everything on the entire list by the end of the year.

1.       Exercise

2.       Don’t say “I’ll Do It Tomorrow”

3.       Don’t make excuses

4.       Read books

5.       Understand your credit score

6.       Save money

7.       Don’t hold grudges

8.       Laugh and smile—a lot!

9.       Stop and smell the roses

10.   Be thankful and grateful

11.   Be charitable

12.   Be selfish

13.   Always answer the phone when family and friends call

14.   Don’t be shy

15.   Listen

16.   Be yourself—but don’t be a jerk

17.   Travel

18.   Be open-minded

19.   Love like a puppy

20.   Be curious and always ask why

21.   Follow your passion

22.   Be a child-like

So, what’s the one thing that you will choose to work on within the next several months?