Objects In the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

I was driving back from a speaking gig in Green Bay.

Driving back and forth (8 hours total) I started to ponder the words on the side mirror of my car….Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. 

You might be saying to yourself—Hey Karen, get a life!  But I was curious enough to Google it!

The science of this is: “Convex Mirrors – ones that curve outward in the center making objects appear smaller than they are, and by doing so show a larger field of view than the other types. They are often used in side view mirrors of cars to give the driver a better view of all the other cars in the vicinity.”

Basically, the convex mirror is a way to “distort” what you are actually seeing!

Translating this into “girlfriend speak,” it’s an interesting metaphor.

Since 2015 is getting ready to bite the dust, it might be a good time to reflect back (don’t wait until January 1) on what you’ve accomplished, what STILL needs to be done, and to clear your brain of things that just don’t matter anymore.

Also keep looking in that mirror and reminding yourself how wonderful and great you really are—because self-encouragement is the key to a successful career.


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