What’s the Most Interesting Thing You Have Done Today?

I was reading an article the other day where they interviewed people who were more than 100 years old!  They were asked about their secret to longevity.

In some form or another, the answer was:

                Do Something Interesting Every Day! 

One of the reasons that I loved, loved, loved the mortgage business is that you meet interesting people,  learn interesting ways to put a loan together, develop interesting ways to market yourself and your business.

But, it goes much deeper than that!  We tend to be “consumed” by the mortgage business.  Especially women who, in addition to working our guts out, take care of the family, do the shopping, do the housework, and you-name-it-we-can-do-it tasks.

What I think these “experienced” (not older) people had in mind is to do something interesting for yourself!

It could be as simple as changing your radio channel from rap music to a country and western station.  (Even though I’m not a huge CW fan, the lyrics and stories fascinate me.)

It could be trying a Thai restaurant–even though you swore you’d never eat Thai food—ever!

Or, switching your reading genre from business books to a romance novel.

My husband and I schedule “date night” a few times a month.  It’s not only about spending time together but it’s also about doing something together that we have never done before—something interesting!

My point is that you have to consciously think about “doing something interesting every day.”  You may even create a task in your calendar.  It could be your screensaver message.  Or a sticky note.

Check out the articles and classes on the website.   You’ll find some unique ideas that may just get you out of your rut.  Make your business less boring.

Not only will it make you a more interesting person, the side effect may just be that you’ll live longer, too!

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