I’m Proud to Be a “Gutsy” Woman!

The thesaurus defines the word “gutsy” as audacious, bold, courageous, fearless, gallant, game, intrepid, plucky, spunky, undaunted, uninhibited and valiant.

Okay, so that pretty much defines who I am, especially the “fearless” part.  In fact, my mother did not think I would make it past my 12th birthday when I told her “I’ll try anything—at least once.

I wanted to share the concept with you because I think that “gutsy” is what it will take to get you through the next year or two.

So, just blurt it out right now and say I’M A GUTSY WOMAN, and then consider the following:

  • It’s time to TRY NEW IDEAS.  You know the ones you’ve always been “meaning to do” but never got around to.  It could be hiring an assistant.  Getting your database up to date.  That new marketing strategy.
  • It’s time to TRY NEW TECHNOLOGY.  It could be a gadget.  Blogging on a regular basis.  Recording a series of videos.  A new software program or app.
  • It’s time to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.  You are no use to anyone if you aren’t healthy and confident about your looks.  No, I don’t mean losing weight; I mean exercising and eating food that is good for you.

I know that it’s easier said than done—that’s why it takes GUTS to get out of the old rut and try something new.

So, what’s the one gutsy thing you are planning on doing?