How to Write an e-Book…Get Real Estate Agents to Contribute..and How to Use the e-book Contents on Social Media



It’s overwhelming for some.  Easier for others.

I would like to share with you a way to create an e-book that I guarantee will be read and shared by real estate agents on social media.  

Before you say “no way,” creating an e-book is easy-peasy.  Social media compliant.  And the beauty is that Realtors are providing the content. 

First, I recommend that your Facebook page consist mainly of real estate agents and past clients.  Same for your LinkedIn pages.  Be sure that your NMLS number appears on the landing page. 

Next, ask your Realtors two questions.  You can post the questions on your FB page.  For agents who don’t use social media—send them an email.  In addition to agents who currently do business with you, also include those who you WANT to get business from in the future. 

Here are the two questions that you need to ask them.

  • What’s the best advice that you would give sellers who are listing their home for sale?
  • What’s the best advice you would give buyers who are in the market to buy a home? 

Your goal is to get between 25 and 50 agents to respond.  If 50 agents respond to both questions, you will have 100 answers.

Promise the agents who contribute that they will get free copy of the e-book so they can read advice from other real estate agents. 

Here's how to create the e-book and get a huge following on social media.

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