How We Added Value to Your Business in August

Girlfriends, I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that we are at the end of the month. I know you are all putting in the extra long hours to make sure that you finish this month strong!

My team and I have enjoyed diving into the discussion of pricing and value with you this month, and we especially  loved hearing your feedback from our resources. In case you missed any of our resources, or simply need an end-of-the-month refresher, here are some of the most important take-away’s from this month’s series:

Week One

In the first week of August, we focused on “Rate Becomes an Issue when Value is not Perceived”. We encouraged you to use value as a tool to overcome price objections rather than assuming that your client wants the lowest price. Remember, someone will always have a lower rate, so the best way to overcome price objections is to offer the most value. A client will often pay more for a service or product if they know that one choice has significantly more value than the other! Read the full blog post for week one here.

Week Two

In week two, we focused on how you can make your value apparent to your client. Rather than working twice as hard as your competitors and hoping that the client notices, we encouraged you to engage in transparent conversations with your clients to help them see the inherent value in working with you. We challenged you to analyze your strengths as a mortgage professional and to find ways to incorporate them into your interactions with your clients. Remember, if you are ever having difficulty tying your strengths into a conversation with a client, ask how they were referred to your business! This will get them to do all of the talking for you as they recall the rave reviews they heard about you and your business! Read the full blog post for week two here.

We also provided you with a video and download that taught you the “REV System” — a tried-and-true analysis system that helps you critically examine your process and add value to each of your steps. By following this system, you are sure to see your desired results thanks to the exceptional value that you offer and watch your revenue increase as a result. Access the “REV System” video and download here.

Week Three

In week three, we discussed the importance of establishing yourself as the authority in your industry. Remember, being the authority does not mean that you have to be perfect or the best at everything in your field; being the authority means that you are able to show your client that you know what you are talking about and make them understand the value in it. We then went on to share ten ways that successful people establish themselves as an authority in their business and increase their popularity with their clients. Read the full blog post for week three here.

Week Four

In the final week of the month, we taught you an important strategy to stand out from the competition: tell your client what makes you special with a Client Commitment! We shared why giving your client an honest and transparent Commitment of expectations helps them see the value in partnering with you, and even provided you with a guide to help you write your own. Read the full post and access the Client Commitment Guide here.

Additionally, we released a podcast episode in partnership with Optimized Success. In the episode, Cyndi Garza discusses how to use value to become “…the One the Customer Always Chooses”! Listen to the full episode here.


We are confident that after utilizing the full breadth of our resources that you have now become the authority on all things pricing and value! What was the most valuable lesson that you learned from this month’s series? Share it to our Mortgage Girlfriends Facebook Group here, and start getting excited for September’s series on “Time Management”!

Much success to you!