This Document Will Increase Your Sales, Reviews, and Referrals!

Over the last month, we have been providing you with resources to teach you how to add value to your client experience. We encouraged you to connect personally with your client, establish yourself as an industry authority, and utilize your social media to your advantage. While all of these strategies are highly effective and lend immense value to your services, sometimes the best way to make your client recognize the value you bring to their experience is to simply tell them!

Today we are showing you the benefits of presenting your client with a “Client Commitment” — a document outlining exactly what makes you unique as a mortgage professional. Creating a Client Commitment is your opportunity to sell yourself and your services to your client in your own words, so use it to your advantage! Your Client Commitment should list all of the services that you offer that exceed the industry standard so that your client will immediately distinguish you from the competition.

Not sure what to include in your Client Commitment? Don’t worry! Our guide provides examples of a successful Client Commitment and even includes an editable template that you can customize and start sending to your clients immediately!

Download your Client Commitment guide by clicking the link below!