How to Be “Politically Correct” When You Have to Reject a Mortgage Loan!

If you ask me, the Adverse Action forms are too blunt. 

Borrowers get depressed (or develop a complex) when they read the form and the standard reasons for being rejected for the loan.   Rejected for “late payments,” “poor credit,” “excessive obligations in relation to income,” “temporary or irregular employment,” etc. 

While the form is designed to “tell-it-like-it-is,” I wondered what it would be like to rewrite the reasons for rejecting the loan to be more politically correct. 

So, here’s how the Adverse Action Form might be re-worded:

Value or type of collateral not sufficientA negative security value

Poor Credit PerformanceInability to successfully manage finances

Bankruptcy Debt realignment involving federal assistance

Delinquent past due or present credit obligationsPolicy differences with creditors

Unable to verify employmentGiven a new outplacement opportunity

Temporary or irregular employmentCareer adjustment period

Temporary residenceLifestyle preference

ForeclosureInvoluntary transfer of property

Credit application incompleteInattention to details

So, what do you think about forming the Association of Politically Correct Lenders?