Easier Said than Done!

This time of the year makes me crazy.

If you are like me, you are pretty organized most of the year—then December rolls around and you have an overwhelming “To Do List” that makes your head spin like Chuckie.

I want to share with you a couple of things that I do—and hope that you find them useful.  If not, I hope you are comforted knowing that you are not the only one who looks at their To Do List and breaks out in hives.

What Do You Have To Do TODAY?

By that I mean—very bad things will happen if these tasks are not done today. They have “consequences” .   It could be work related. It could be personal. 

I specifically remember a really, really tough closing where the agent and the buyer wanted me to attend.  My daughter had been chosen for the Women’s All-Star Softball Team and the game was at the same time.  I chose the game. The agent and buyer had my cell number and the loan closed just fine without me.  I would never forgive myself for not attending her game.

Pick One Big Thing

Take a look at your list.  Pick one thing that you know you can complete with just a little bit of effort.  Write down the name of the task and then write down even the tiniest of steps that you need to do to get it done.   

I recently had to make some updates to one of my websites.  While the website guy was the one doing the work, I wrote a detailed list of what had to be changed.  This is where I had to fully and mentally commit to getting it done within a certain time frame.   I call that “enough” for now—til the IT guy does his part of the job.

What If Everything Is Important?

I hate to be the one to break it to you—but not everything is important.  Not everything on your list has to be completed. 

I created a short list of 3 to 4 easy-peasy things to dobut listed them  by “category.”  For example, my list contains phone calls that I need to make.  Call butcher to order prime rib.  Call the dog hotel to reserve a room for Bentley when I go out of town. Set up my dentist appointment.  A time to get the oil changed in my car.

The category that I just mentioned is “phone calls” that have nothing to do with work—but still need to get done. Other categories might be “on-line Christmas present shopping.”   Add holiday party dates to your calendar.   Or things that you need to do with your children.

Assessing Your Tasks

In military terms, this is called “collateral damage.”  You are overwhelmed.  The task is scary.  You feel you are going to fail.   Honestly assess what is important and what is not.   Just do what you can do—and for Heaven’s sake, don’t feel guilty about it!

Oh, Feeling guilty will only result in no action at all.

What’s on your list?