Are Your Deals in Jeopardy™…Game for Realtors®

Written By: Lisa Zambelli, Cliffco Mortgage (Westbury, NY). Email [email protected].

Last week, the Long Island Board of Realtors held their Annual Tech Fair, and more than 1,000 agents attended. Like most lenders, we had a booth there in an effort to find new and strengthen old relationships with real estate agents…educational events like these seem to attract the better agents, certainly ones who are looking to stay ahead of the curve.

And while most lenders look to lure agents to their booth with giveaways and raffles, we have always tried to use this opportunity to introduce a technology or strategy to help agents increase and improve their business.

This time, we took a different approach…

With all the changes in mortgage guidelines and the introduction of TRID, we opted to create a game-show themed experience, entitled “Are Your Deals In Jeopardy™?”

We crafted 20 questions that agents should be able to answer in this new world. We mixed up the 20 questions and presented each agent with 6 of them on a form we created. Over 200 agents played our little game, and you know how many got all 6 answers correct (without help from us)? ZERO. How many got 5 of 6? ONE.

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