A Contract with Yourself

I don’t want to preach to you about how to live your life, but I read a short article, A Contract with Yourself, and thought you might use this as a short reference guide to complete certain tasks each day.

This contract covers 5 areas of your life: 

Family  Spiritual  Personal Development  Health  Business

Download the PDF version of this Contract with Yourself  and give it a try!
A Contract with Yourself

While I love my family and friends, today I will pay particular attention to ______________

What I’m most thankful for today is ___________________________________________

Personal Development
What I plan to do to improve myself today is _____________________________________

My biggest fear today is ______________________________ and I will conquer it by doing ________________________________________________.

To improve my health, today I will ____________________________________________.

Today I will focus on:
Lead Generation for:  ____1 hour   ____2 hours  ____3 hours
Reconnect with _______ people today

My 3 most important tasks today are:

______ Nailed It!

______ Left task for another day!