Why a CRM Is Better than Outlook, Google or Excel!

Written By: By: Donna Quisenberry, Q2 Database Systems and ProAssistMarketing.com. Members can request a complimentary 1-hour strategy session with Donna to discuss their database questions/concerns/strategies. Visit here now!

Are you using Outlook, Google, or one of the many other email and calendar systems available today, and are you thinking that this is a “database”?

You may also use Excel to track information about your contacts. You track their names, addresses, emails, phone numbers and perhaps even a few notes about them. If you've really devoted yourself to this system, you may even have some of their loan information stored somewhere within any of these tools. This approach may be working for you, and all the talk about how great CRM database tools are just sounds like yet another tool salespeople want you to buy.

Let’s put all the hype aside and analyze the facts behind how CRM database tools can create big wins for your business by increasing efficiency, integrating intuitive connectivity, allowing for greater income opportunities and keeping your important business data safe from mishaps.

Big Win #1: Centralization

Many of today's email and calendar programs offer great ways to keep track of dates and appointments and manage your correspondence with customers and colleagues. This is great when all you need to do is see a smaller daily picture of your business, instead of having access to the larger overall strategic picture as well.

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