It’s OK to be a late bloomer – as long as you don’t miss the flower show!

It’s a quote by Jane Fonda, who recently talked about her insecurities, her looks, how she wasn’t good enough to be paid the same as male actors. 

I started to think about my own life.  My own career. My future plans.  And come to think of it, I guess I’m a late bloomer, too. 

I had my first child at 34.  Started a mortgage company at age 40.  Started to provide sales and marketing training to loan officers at age 50. 

And, I don’t think I’m even close to peaking!

Not all of us are late bloomers. 

That’s okay.

The bottom line is that you continue to bloom, regardless of where you are planted.  Regardless of what others say about you.  That you don’t miss the flower show – because that’s where you will find beauty, and that’s where the magic happens.