When Do You Know It’s Time to Change the Way You Do Business?

Do you ever feel that you are bored doing the same thing over and over again?

At one point in my career, I was so bored explaining the disclosures that I would start with the last disclosure first—basically explaining them in backwards order.

Here’s the thing:  Our brain is programmed to do the same things repeatedly.  It’s routine.  It requires less thinking.  And it requires much less energy.

However, we can become a victim of bad habits, stagnation, mediocrity and sheer boredom.

So here are five signs that it’s time for a change in the way you conduct your mortgage business—and maybe even your life:

First Sign:  You think about changing things all the time.  You dream about how different things would be if you made a couple of changes.  Those dreams turn into complaining to co-workers, friends and family.  Take that first step and just change one thing at a time.

Second Sign:  You feel bored OR overwhelmed by your work.  When you are bored, you aren’t challenged enough.  And if you feel in over your head, it usually means that it might be something that you are not good at—it could actually be a weakness.

Third Sign:  You get feedback that you need to work on strengthening your weakness.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Realize that no one is good at everything.  Find someone who can train you or hire someone to help you fill that gap.

Fourth Sign:  You don’t feel like a valued person.  This could be at your job or by family and friends.  You don’t feel appreciated, or that your ideas are valued. You feel that you are being taken advantage of. Take time to realize what’s happening to you and vow to find out why and how this is happening.

Fifth Sign:  You no longer get joy from working with clients or real estate agents or fellow workers. Joy comes from loving what you do—without someone constantly praising you all the time.  If you are struggling each time you pick up the phone or email someone, really pay attention to the root of the problem.

Each one of these signs will take quite a bit of self-analysis.  It will take some sort of action on your part.

Only you can change the circumstances, the environment, the people who surround you.