What Would You Say? Why We Need MORE Documents

I was talking with a loan officer a few weeks ago who told me that while she loved the mortgage business, one of her big frustrations was clients yelling at her and getting upset when she asked them for more documents—and then again, yet MORE documents after the underwriter reviewed the first set of them!

So, I posted this question on Facebook.com/KarenDeis:

“What script do you use to warn clients of the possibility that you may have to call them 3 or 54 times to bring in more documents?”

I got a ton of great posts, including a client handout written by Craig Goebbel that members can download (at the end of the article) and email or print and distribute to your borrowers at the time of loan application. It’s called, Why We Need Your Paperwork, and it explains some of the reasons why you might request documents several times during the loan process.

Here are some of the scripts that have been used successfully by other loan officers!

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