What to Say to New Real Estate Agents

A mortgage girlfriend emailed me and said that she was asked to talk to a group of new real estate agents. She asked if I had any ideas on what she could talk about. 

While I gave her some advice, I also posted her question on Facebook.com/KarenDeis and received over 25 suggestions. 

There were a ton of great ideas—but I wanted to share one of them from an LO friend of mine, Bob Rutledge, that I thought was especially relevant and would grab the attention of new agents. 

Bob says….Start with this sentence, and they will listen to just about anything you have to say….

"Look around the room….80% of you will be out of the business in the next 6 months to a year…..are you going to be one of them?”

(And if you don’t believe it, check the NAR statistics on their website as proof.)

Then, I would talk to them about:

  • how to go out and get new business,
  • how to go after FSBO with a loan officer,
  • how to go after Expired Listings with the help of a loan officer,
  • how to market to renters of apartments with a loan officer ApartmentToolKit.com,
  • excerpts from the book on how to get business now (The Millionaire Real Estate Agent),
  • How long-term success using data base management.

One of the strategies that he shared with the new agents was extremely simple—send 5 notes and give out 5 business cards each day.  That was years ago, and some of those agents who followed his 5-per-day strategy have built a database of thousands—and to this day, it is a large part of their success. 

Oh, and members, please check out the video training class, How LO's Can Create a Training Program for Brand New Real Estate Agents.