The “High” You Get by Sharing

I go out to breakfast every Saturday morning. A few weeks ago, I was enjoying my biscuits & gravy when a stranger at the table next to me handed me a coupon for $3 off and said, “Thought I’d give this to you – I have an extra one”.

Wow, at first I thought – what’s the catch?  Well, there was no catch.  The person was simply being generous! I was thrilled to save $3.  But more importantly, gestures like these restore your faith in the human species.

So, last week, I was buying makeup and had a couple of coupons for mascara (that stuff is not cheap) that I tore out of my Vanity Fair magazine.  I found the one that I wanted…and had an extra coupon and gave it to a woman shopping for mascara too.  She not only acted surprised, but she enthusiastically thanked me for saving her four bucks.

Here’s what I can tell you. While I appreciated my breakfast coupon, I got a “high” from “paying it forward“.

Then I started to realize that the reason I formed the Mortgage Girlfriends group is that it gives me great joy to be able to share ideas and strategies with you.

It’s the reason I hold a Mastermind meeting every year.  The reason I love to interview women in the mortgage industry.

My “high” is sharing all of it with you within the Business Builders section of the website.

And, I hope you get a “high” from reading the articles and viewing the classes too!

Oh, and I would love to know which article you’ve read or class that you attended that you liked the most. Please share with me below.