Is Second Place REALLY the First Loser? How to Get More Business by Offering a “Second Opinion”

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before — “I’ve already been pre-approved for my mortgage”.

If you were like me, I would ask the usual, basic questions like: What program are you approved on? Were you quoted a rate? What’s your credit score? What mortgage company are you working with?

After playing 27 questions, I hung up the phone, playing that song in my head…another one bites the dust!

Now, let’s replay that conversation!

“That’s great that you have already been pre-approved. However, I have found that just like when you find out you need major surgery, you would want to get a second opinion from a doctor, right? Well, a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions you will even make and I specialize in giving my clients a second opinion.”

Positioning yourself as a “Second Opinion” loan originator, allows you to look over your competition’s approval and see if it makes sense to restructure it. If you have “lost the deal” to someone else in the first place, you might as well become the AVIS of the mortgage business — We’re #2—but we try harder!

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