The Apple Tree Story

At the 2017 Mortgage Girlfriends Retreat, Tricia Brouwers, Wintrust Mortgage and Certified Instructor for The One Thing book by Gary Keller, told us this story about the apple orchard that she and her family own in Indiana. 

When Tricia purchased the apple orchard, the trees produced an abundance of fruit.  Bushels and bushels. 

The next  year, not so many.

The following year—even less fruit!

Wondering what the heck was going on, she learned that when you “prune” the trees (cut back the branches), that forces the trees to produce MORE fruit. 

You would not think that this makes sense, but more branches mean more nutrients needed – which equals less fruit.

The moral of the story?

That in order to be more productive, it’s critical that you “prune” back your “to-do” list and focus your attention to the things that are IMPORTANT to you, your business and your family. 

Here are 3 things to think about…

   1. What matters MOST to you today?

   2. Is there something on your list that will make something else go away?

   3.  Does it REALLY require YOU to do it?

Instead of having a “To-Do” list, consider changing it to “My Must-Do” list!