Talk more, type less

Here’s the scenario – you send an email asking a specific question – you copy your processor, and 13 email exchanges later, you still don’t have the answer to your question!

Does it drive you crazy when this happens? 

Would it have been easier to simply pick up the phone instead?

I recently read that in a recent study, a typical business person spends 25% of their time reading and responding to emails – meaning that they are spending only 75% doing their actual job. 

While emails may be a critical part of the way you communicate, there are some shortcuts, or email acronyms, that you could consider using to cut down the email back and forth. 

LDL – Let’s discuss live

IRL – In real life

F2F – Face to face

All three of these acronyms mean that the email is getting confusing or out of hand

SIM – Subject is the message    

 (Example:  SIM: Meeting at 10 am) meaning that the reader does not have to open the email.

FYA – For your action

(Almost like FYI but not quite)

NNTR – No need to respond

                You are making a statement and don’t need a reply.

OTP – On the phone

While you may wish to acknowledge an email by saying thank you or have a nice day, no need to send if  that is the ONLY response required. 

What other e-mail acronyms do you use?