Taking Breaks!

My son is an engineer who works for a Japanese company with a manufacturing plant in the U.S. 

Every 30 minutes, a bell is rung.  Workers stop what they are doing and congregate in the aisles to exercise for 5 minutes. 

The philosophy is that by taking breaks, there will be fewer mistakes. 

Think about this…how long can you stay awake before you need to sleep?  How long can you run until you need to stop? How long can you work on files until it all becomes a blur? 

Here’s the deal—regardless of what you are doing, sooner or later you’ll need to take a break. 

Have you ever said to yourself, “I can’t take this anymore…I think I’m going to quit.”

Burnout in the mortgage business is a real thing.

You can only do so much before your batteries need to be charged.  Maybe for you it’s 10 minutes.  30 minutes.  One week.

Taking a break allows you to recharge your energy.

It gives you time to look at the big picture.

It helps you focus on the things that are important and make fewer mistakes.  

So, what do you do to recharge your batteries daily?