Take Control and Innovate: How to Stop Losing Time to Outdated Systems and Draining Processes

I was recently on a call with a loan officer who stated that his clients don’t like technology. He is from a small town, and despite writing about 300 units per year, he accommodates most of his clients with paper documents and in-person meetings to help them complete the necessary paperwork. Also on the call was another loan officer who has amazing systems and automated processes — she prides herself on creating systems that maximize her time and efficiency.

It was clear to see that the first loan officer had a huge opportunity to increase his business by implementing new digital systems, but he firmly stated that the members in his community simply would not feel comfortable using these new systems.

The second loan officer gave him some very valuable insight. She said, “You have to take control. You have to be the innovator in your small town. You have to teach them a better way. This is a unique and busy time in our industry and you should leverage it. This is your opportunity to create processes and systems that will set you up for success! It is easy to say your clients don’t want to change, when really you are the one who doesn’t want to change.” 

What the second loan officer said resonated with me, because I know that many loan officers are facing similar challenges. While many loan officers are excited by the challenge of this busy year, some are struggling to meet the demand of the influx in business due to out-of-date processes and systems. I want to remind you that this is your chance to take control of your business and implement the necessary changes and processes that will help you maximize your efficiency and time for yourself. 

I encourage you to start a list of things that you don’t care for or don’t care to do. For example, I always become frustrated when I have spent too much time in front of a computer. Ask yourself how you can make those tasks more enjoyable or more efficient with an updated system. 

Sometimes an inefficient system is not the problem — it is simply a lack of time. There is only so much we can do on our own before we need to look for external help. Write a list of the top 10 responsibilities or tasks that you would love to hand off to someone else. Ask yourself if it is time you look into getting a loan partner to maximize your time and your efficiency.

Being able to effectively manage your time is critical in finding success in this busy season while avoiding burnout and fatigue. If you are interested in learning more about time management, make sure to continually check out what is new at Mortgage Girlfriends as we spend the entire month of September diving into this topic.

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