Six Letters to Meet New Realtors

I’ve been getting calls lately regarding an article I wrote a little while back called “Easy Realtor® Marketing System:  Six Letters in 25 Days”.

I think the sudden interest might be due to the fact that many of you are trying to build up a bigger referral network of agents as part of your 2014 business plan.  It’s also a smart move because some of the agents who give you referrals now—may just up and quit.  Others will move on to another loan originator.  Others may start splitting their referrals.

There is an easy (and cheap) way to target real estate agents—to get their attention—by sending a series of six letters in which, basically, you are “applying for the job” as their mortgage lender of choice!

Here’s a condensed outline of the contents of the six letters, and Mortgage Girlfriend DIVA members can read the entire article and download all the letters using this link!

  • Day 1 – Introduction Letter – “I am officially applying for the job as your lender…”
  • Day 5 – Back-up Lender Letter
  • Day 10 – Contract of Service Letter
  • Day 15 – Hungry for a Good Loan Officer Letter (yes, there’s food involved here)
  • Day 20 – Sources of Down Payment Letter
  • Day 25 – Firecracker Letter

Loan officers who have used this strategy in the past have said that they usually get a phone call after the 4th letter.  If your “target” agent has not responded or called after the 4th letter—then YOU need to call them to see if they are interested in adding another lender to their “referral” list.   Even if they say no, send out the 5th and 6th letter anyway (which indicates that you don’t take no for an answer).

By the way, when DIVA’s read the entire article, it will explain the type of envelopes to use, how to mail them, exactly what to say and how to follow up.

Oh, and one more statistic—feedback has been that you’ll need to target 8 to 10 agents per month—to get one good referral partner per month!