Realtor® Articles/Newsletter – Sept/Oct 2014

Here are some tips on how to use the ghost-written content in your business:

  1. Use the title of the article as the subject line—but “brand” the title with your name or tag line. Example: Show Me the Money – OK Sources of Down Payment & Closing – Sales Tips by Mary Jones.
  2. Copy and paste the content, and include the title of the article, when sending it by email, posting it on a blog page or social media sites.
  3. Personalize it by adding a P.S. and write something about yourself. Say a few words about your vacation plans. Your children’s sporting events. The charity walk you’ll be attending. The open house you will be hosting. People want to get to know you on a personal level too.
  4. Subscribers can download a newsletter in Word doc. format too, personalize it and snail mail or hand deliver.
  5. Use the content as a script and record a short video.

Most of the articles have a “call to action” because if you don’t ask them to reply, well, they simply won’t!

Here are the articles you’ll find in this issue:

  • Why Some People Don't Trust Real Estate Agents
  • Gracious Ways to Accept Compliments
  • Setting Up Hack-Proof Passwords

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