People Power: Why Create a Goal Group

Got a goal that seems out of reach?

Why not start a club, or participate in a group (like Mortgage Girlfriends) to help you achieve that goal?

The newest trend is called “goal groups”.  The members have a specific goal in mind—like losing weight, quitting smoking, or more commonly, business women whose goal is increasing their business.

Why does it work?  Because being around people who are pursuing the same goals as you makes you more serious about your own goals.

To form your group, invite like-minded women (not women you are trying to save) and establish a culture of sharing and inspiring.  If the member does not meet that criteria,  she is not the right person to join the group.

This is not a networking group.

It’s not a mentor group either.

The goal is, the group should create energy, confidence and new relationships.

The bottom line is that the thought of letting each other down changes your behavior and inspires you to work toward your goal.