Page E and 5 of the 1003

While the 1003 has the basic information you need to start a mortgage loan application, what it doesn't do is help you communicate with your clients in a systematic and effective way.

That's why you need the additional forms to compliment the 1003.

Page E stands for EXPECTATIONS:

It's a form with a series of questions to help you determine what they expect from you and communicate effectively.

  • What is your client's preferred form of communicating with them
  • Who will be the main contact person
  • Best time of day to reach them
  • What do the clients expect of you and the loan application process
  • ...and 13 other questions!

Page 5 stands for the 5th PAGE of the 1003:

It's a form with a series of questions to help you connect with people your clients do business with.

  • Who is their insurance agent, financial planner, CPA/Tax Preparer
  • Expected changes in income or job changes within the next few years
  • Referrals they would like to send your way

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