No-Cost Ways to Create a Loan Officer Training Program

Have you ever heard these words: "Come to work for us  ̶ we provide training"?

Maybe you are new to the mortgage industry and feel that you need additional training.

Maybe you are in charge of recruiting and training new loan officers.

Maybe your processors, underwriters and support staff need additional training.

Or maybe you have been in the business for a while but the training consisted of “here’s your business cards, call on real estate agents, bring in a deal and we will train you as you go along.” 

I get hundreds of calls and emails from loan officers who want to buy marketing materials, but don't have the basic knowledge it takes to become an expert in the eyes of their clients.

Regardless of what you were promised – or when you got into the business – you need to take control of your own training and education. This article will give you nine tips on how to find great "basic training" resources that will cost you nothing, take less than 1 hour for each session, and best of all, are available in your own backyard.

Oh, and it’s a fun way to learn! 

Here are 9 ideas – Just pick up the phone, ask the right questions and consider these field trips to enhance your training.

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