9 Things to Drop from Your Life

I was talking to a mortgage girlfriend the other day and she mentioned a blog that she had just read.

It was the right message at the right time for her because she was experiencing some of these issues. 

So, I read the blog and wanted to share the 9 things that this author suggested should be dropped from your life. 

1. Drop caring about the mistakes that you have made in your life—at least you learned what “not to do.”

2. Drop the past – You can’t change it.

3. Drop your “perceived” image of yourself – Be your authentic self.

4. Drop feeling sorry for yourself – Get over it and be happy.

5. Drop saying YES to everyone – Say no to things that you really don’t want to do.

6. Drop trying to please everyone – It’s impossible.

7. Drop trying to always say the right thing – If you have an opinion about something—speak your mind.

8. Drop trying to be Superwoman – Ask for help.

9. Drop worrying about the future – If you’ve done your best, your future is taken care of.

What else would you “drop” from your life?