New e-Book – My Mother Burned Her Bra…and 71 other stories!

So, and I’ve been writing blogs and articles since 2007.

Some have been posted on the Mortgage Girlfriends Website.

Some in national mortgage magazines.

Others on my social media pages and the Active Rain website.

As I began to peruse through my document files, which was like walking down memory lane, I decided to write this e-book for you—women in the mortgage industry.

Some stories are inspiring.

Some will make you think.

Some are “just because.”

BEST OF ALL, it’s FREE TO DOWNLOAD for all Mortgage Girlfriends DIVA members.

Visit this article to download:  “My Mother Burned Her Bra…and 71 other stories to make you think about your business and your life!” 

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I am passionate about helping women make more money, save time and most of all succeed.  But sometimes it’s “ourselves” holding us back.

My hope is that some of these stories encourage you.  Influence you. Energize you.  Starting with “My About Me Story: Are You Insane?” and “My Mother Burned Her Bra” story.

I would love your feedback and comments.  Email [email protected].

And, please feel free to share these stories with other women that you know.