Manifest Your Dreams Through the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a doctrine that believes that positive or negative thoughts bring the same positive or negative experiences in their life.

Girlfriends – What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is a doctrine that believes that positive or negative thoughts bring the same positive or negative experiences in their life.  The belief is that your thoughts and experiences are energy and attracting like energy can improve your health, wealth, and personal relationships.  When you focus on the abundance of good things in your life, you automatically attract more positive things into your life. When you focus on the negative or what you are lacking, then you avoid attracting what you want most.

Like attracts like. When you are excited, happy, loving, or appreciative then you are sending out positive vibes to the universe. You then attract people and opportunities that vibrate on the same frequency.  This optimism will help you reach your goals with less effort. On the other hand, if you are bored, frustrated, angry, or sad you send out negative energy and will attract pessimistic people and events in our life.

You have probably noticed people who are always complaining about how bad their life is, and nothing goes right for them, attract the same type of people. Likewise, your friends that are positive and always talking about the good things in life seem to hang out around the same kind of people.  Just think of the morning you wake up and stub your toe and then you spill your hot coffee on yourself. You think to yourself this is going to be a bad day.  Of course, it is, because now on your way to work, you get stuck in the worst traffic making you late, then walking to your desk you drop your bag, and all your paperwork goes flying.

It is important to note the Universe doesn’t care what vibration you send out; it will respond to what you project. By changing the energetic vibration, you can change how the universe responds and manifest outcomes that you desire. For this to happen, you must become intensely aware of your thoughts, feelings, and energy.

How do you make it happen? Step one is to ask the Universe for what you want. Your thoughts and subconscious mind are always projecting to the Universe your wishes.  Everything you think about, read about, and talk about and give your attention to is telling the Universe what you want to invite into your life. You need to be intentional about the thoughts you project.  Be clear and more focused on what you really want.  Let us say you want to close five more loans a month.  Focus and think about how you would feel when you have done this and envision your typical and profitable day. The more you focus on what you want the faster you will achieve your dreams and goals.

The next step is to believe you will get what you want. If you think about what you want but your heart has doubts you will be sending mixed signals to the universe, which will lead to mixed results. You will need to work on your mindset and replace any doubting beliefs with the understanding you are deserving, worthy, and able to achieve any goal you imagine.

How can you change your mindset?


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