Just because you’re moving, doesn’t mean you’re getting ahead!

One of the final workshops held at the Mortgage Girlfriends Mastermind event each year is called “Courage to Commit.”

After two days of cramming the brain with awesome ideas from each speaker and “What’s In Your Closet” share-and-tell sessions, each girlfriend is asked to choose only one or two ideas that they want to implement within the next 60 days.

The best part is that they are not going it alone—they are assigned to a “group” of VIPs, who become their accountability partners for the next 60 days.  They set up a series of conference calls where they discuss the idea and the steps they have taken to implement it—and the steps they will be taking to make the idea a reality.

Oh, and only positive reinforcement and suggestions are allowed from the other accountability partners.

I have had the privilege to be involved in several of these conference calls.  After procrastinating for years, one girlfriend finally set up a Facebook business page and got 66 likes within 15 days.  Another is working on the “almost-perfect loan process” and is halfway through completing it.  Still another has held her very first “Wine Wednesday” networking event, and another has taken many years’ worth of closed loans, entered the information into a database and sent out her first newsletter in five years.

Referring back to the title of this VIP Digest blog, please take a serious look at your business and what you are doing now, and ask yourself:

  • Am I doing busy work?
  • Am I increasing my production from month to month?
  • Am I working my guts out and not getting ahead?

It’s about that time of year to think about your business strategies and personal plans for 2015.

If you have the “Courage to Commit,” one of the best (mortgage-industry specific) e-books is called Winging It Won’t Work. It’s only $27 and can be purchased by both VIP members and non-members.  However, VIP members get a bonus with purchase of the book―a free, one-hour coaching session with the author, Victoria (Del Frate) Fifield.

Another class available to VIP Members is one that I just recorded, No Shiny Objects – Part 1 – 5-Step Marketing Strategy from Application to Closing.

So, what’s the one thing you’d like to implement or incorporate into your business in 2015?