Join Up! Networking Clubs

Quite a few of the mortgage girlfriends that I talk with share that they are members of networking clubs. 

That’s awesome!

However, when I ask if they are members of their local Board of Realtors and their local Home Builders Association, not very many women have joined.  And others who are members don’t participate in meetings or committees.

To get the most out of your memberships, here’s what I recommend: 

Board of Realtors – Attending the meetings are not as important as becoming a committee member.  The one I recommend is the “Education Committee”.  Most agents have to attend CE classes and this is a great way to meet them one-on-one.  And, most new agents have to attend initiation classes, so it’s a way to meet the newest agents on the block. 

The ultimate goal is to either become chairwoman of the Education Committee or teach a CE class. 

Home Builders Association – Most builders don’t attend the monthly meetings.  It’s usually subcontractors, title reps and other loan officers.  Attend the meetings maybe once every 3 months.  The better option is to join the “Parade of Homes” (or whatever you call it in your area) committee.  That’s where you will have the most direct contact with the builders themselves. 

The Education Committee would be another option.

The ultimate goal is to either become chairwoman of the home show OR get elected to the Board of Directors.  Ask what it takes to be nominated and how you can contribute to the association.

Both options are viable ways to really connect with real estate agents and home builders by getting involved behind the scenes. 

Are you a member of both associations?