It’s Time to Hit the Refresh Button

How long have you been saying that you’re going to update your marketing message and image? 

Just like the “refresh button” on your computer, I’m here to suggest that you refresh your image and your brand—at least once a year. (Twice a year is even better.)

However, so you don’t “shock” your clients and Realtors, and to make it easy on yourself too, you may want to make one small change at a time—like a minor update every two months. 

Here are 5 tips on how to refresh your message and image.

Your Picture: Is the picture on your website, email or business card 5 years old?  Does it still look like you?  Should you have two different pictures – one for your more casual clients and one more businesslike?  If you work with a team, I suggest that you have a group picture taken.  Pictures of you with your dog, Harley, or child should be saved for your personal blog pages. 

Your Bio:  I’m sure that since the last time you wrote your bio, you’ve accomplished a little more than your current one reads now.

Did you attend training classes?  Attend a seminar? Win an award?  Join a club?

Add those to your bio with a short description of what you’ve learned.

Include something personal.  Instead of saying you like hiking, reading and golfing, consider telling a short story:  “I like hiking, and just finished hiking around Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.”  (Note: If your bio is more than a year old and you can’t add anything new to update it—then you have a different problem that I can’t help you with.)

Email Signature: Have you been using the same old signature line or quote on your email?  Like, “I love referrals.”  Or “My customer service is awesome”?  Consider instead a link to your blog page.  A link to a video with a short message from you.  Your updated picture.  Links to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages.

Blogging:  Join and comment on at least 3 blogs per month.  The ones that interest you.  This is where your true personality shines through, because you’re constantly updating your image and brand when you blog. 

Join a new group/club – We get comfortable with our friends and business partners—that’s a good thing.  But variety is the spice of life, and meeting new people is one of the ways to expand your image and your brand.

Attend a couple of seminars a year that have nothing to do with the mortgage business.  Volunteer.  Join a networking group.

And the added benefit? 

It will make YOU feel better—and it’s good for your self-esteem!