Is Your Business Going thru a “Midlife Crisis”?

In 2011, I experienced my 3rd mid-life crisis—traveling Italy and Greece for 30 days (and mostly by myself).

This year, I might be going thru my 4th one – changing my hair style, working out, taking classes, oh, and vacationing at our National Parks.

Are you going thru a kind of “midlife crisis” in your mortgage business?   Here’s what I mean by that:

  •  What is one, small thing you could change to have more time with your friends and family? (Like hiring a cleaning person or having your dry cleaning delivered to your office.)
  • Would redecorating your office make a difference in your attitude?  (A different color; moving your furniture; rearranging pictures; cleaning it;  candles?)
  • Would a change in your daily “routine” give you a new outlook?  (Start work earlier; work from home for a couple hours, change your lunch hour?)
  • Is there a vacation you’ve always wanted to take—but never got around to it? (Book it now!)

In Stiletto Strategies, you’ll find a class on this very topic entitled, Is Your Mortgage Mojo Feeling Zapped?  

I know, most people hate change—but I don’t.  My hope is that I get to go thru at least 7 more midlife crisis.  That’s what’s makes it exciting and something to look forward to!

What change do you plan to make in the next 7 days?