I hate talking about myself: Wait, maybe not!

A mortgage girlfriend confided in me the other day,  “When it comes to marketing, I hate talking about myself—because I don’t think people are interested in what I have to say.”

What thoughts conjure in your mind when you hear the word “marketing”?

Salespeople were asked what they thought when it came to marketing themselves:

  • marketing is a painful task
  • marketing is phony
  • marketing is begging
  • marketing is being pushy

I’m here to tell you it’s NONE of those things–It’s all about your MINDSET!

Marketing is an authentic expression of who you are!  If you love what you do, then EXPRESSING it is the “authentic you”.

What you may not realize is that your clients REALLY do want to hear from you…that is if you have something interesting to say.  They want to read your marketing…that is if you educate them.

The 6 reasons why people will read your marketing—and what they really want to hear from you are:

  1. They want to know YOUR opinion.  Consider yourself a mortgage news reporter.  You have knowledge about mortgage programs.  You keep track of interest rates.  You know what’s happening to home values.  They want to know what YOU think about it!
  2. They want you to help them solve a problem. This is where storytelling comes into play.  Is there a loan that you closed within the last few months where you truly HELPED someone save money—or get them back on track to financial security?  Let everyone know what you did…be assured that someone else has the same problem!
  3. They want to know about you and your business (yes, they really do). People really want to know you and have a glimpse into your life.  How you run your business.  What hobbies or activities do you participate in?  Of course, don’t share every intimate detail—but even a little bit of info goes a long way to letting people know what you really are about!

  4. They want to refer you. Contrary to popular belief, your clients WANT to refer you!  So, ask for them in your marketing campaigns.

  5. They want to be connected with you.  Taking #3 a little bit further, it’s the Facebook/Linked In/Twitter phenomenon.  They want that human connection that everyone craves and you can convey that thru your marketing.  Become the Mortgage Rock Star in your community.
  6. They want you to educate them. Again, this is a subtle difference when referring to #1 and #2 above.  Take a subject and write about it. Credit scoring is always a popular topic.   It has to be short and sweet.  Use bullet points in your marketing.  Offer them a reason to call you to even want MORE information (think free report/white paper).

Do you see how 6 different marketing strategies all tie together?  Effective marketing is not being pushy.  It’s based on the Law of Attraction—drawing people into becoming your clients.

Marketing is a gift you give to others.  If you educate someone.  If you share your expertise.  If you become their trusted advisor,  you are giving the GIFT of yourself.

What is one thing that is holding you back from marketing yourself?  Please Post your Comments Below!