How Your Database Compares to the Sport of Fishing

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Your database is a priceless resource from which you should ‘fish’ for business.

Consider that some loan officers might resemble a lakeside weekend fisherman, their pole resting a few feet away with a little bell attached, waiting to ring while they focus on other activities, or even take a nap. Their line may wiggle, the line bell rings, and then they jump into action reeling in their catch. But as all people who fish know, using this technique there will be many days that you will end up heading home with no fish in your cooler.

Your database fishing, aka data mining strategy, can resemble a lakeside fisherman who hopes to get lucky, or it can be strategic and much more reliable like that of a commercial fishing vessel. A commercial fishing vessel captain utilizes the best fishing tools available accompanied by an arsenal of knowledge about their targeted catch in order to bring in the most fish of the type , and the most desirable fish. You take your business seriously, so your database fishing/mining, strategy should be serious as well.

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