How to Host a Vision Board Party

Written By: Bliss Sawyer, nationally recognized coach, trainer and speaker. She specializes in relationship-based marketing strategies for mortgage professionals You can also find more marketing tips and tools at

Ever heard of a vision board? I hadn’t until last year, but now I am hooked! A vision board is simply a collection of pictures and words that describe your future. The future you want to make happen. It might be for this year or for the next decade. There are no set rules to what should and shouldn’t be on a vision board or even how big it should be. Your vision board is a reflection of your personality and dreams.

I recently held a vision board party at my home. I chose to do it on a Friday evening and invited a few Realtor partners over for dinner and vision board creating. I chose to invite Realtors I currently work with along with some that I hope to work with. I started casually mentioning it about a month before to see if there was interest. Three weeks beforehand, I sent a “Save the Date” email and described a little about the event. I also put a link to an article on vision boards for those (like me) who didn’t really know what a vision board was all about.

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