How LOs Can Create a Training Program for Brand New Real Estate Agents

Class Length:  20-minutes

Featured Presenter:  Karen Deis

You've probably heard the quote...Give a person a fish and they will eat for a day. Teach them how to fish and they will eat for a lifetime!

I'd like to add...If YOU teach them how to fish, they will fish in your pond!

Here's the thing.

When a real estate company hires a brand new agent, most of the newbies are required to go through a new agent training program. They cover sale and marketing, how to get leads, how to fill out a listing or sales contract. But, when it comes to the MOST critical part of the purchase transaction, they get very little (if any) training when it comes to qualifying the buyers, appraisals and how the entire mortgage approval process works.

This class is about how you become their teacher - so when they sell their first couple of homes - they refer their clients to you.

Here's what you will learn in this class:

  • Why create a new real estate training program
  • What "name" you might call your training program
  • Best day adn time to hold your training workshop
  • What topics to cover
  • How to target real estate broker/owners or sales managers
  • What to include in your workbook
  • Follow up strategies after you've completed your workshop
  • Download included:  Sample Letter - Getting Brokers to Refer New Agents to Attend Your Training Workshops

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