How good are you at reading tax returns?

A few years after I started in the mortgage business, I attended a two-day course on How to Read Tax Returns.

It changed my “life”—as far as originating loans is concerned.  First, I got over my FEAR of having to ask for tax returns and calculating the borrower’s “true” income.  Secondly, and more importantly—I was able to explain, with 100% CONFIDENCE, how I arrived at the income, especially when an underwriter tried to decrease the dollar amounts!  (Oh, and I can’t begin to tell you about the fights I had with UW’s.)

The reasons you may need to request tax returns (other than listed as a DU, LP or FHA condition) would be if a borrower:

  • Owns 25% (or more) interest in a business
  • Gets 25% (or more) of income from overtime, bonuses, commission or piecework
  • Works for a family-owned business
  • Has rental income
  • Has income that does not match the 4506 form.

So, I’ve just posted a brand-new class, How to Read Tax Returns—2012 Version, which is INCLUDED as part of your DIVA membership.

What took me two days (and lots of money) to learn, you’ll learn in less than 70 minutes.

  • You’ll get to review every single tax form known to womankind.
  • You can download samples of each tax form.
  • You’ll learn which ones to ignore.
  • You’ll learn “line by line” where to find additional income.
  • There’s also info on how to market yourself as a “self-employed” expert.

One more thing—when I learned how to read tax returns, my loan amounts increased almost 50%.

And so did my income.

If you are not a DIVA Member, you can buy the CD format of the 2011 and 2012 Versions of How to Read Tax Returns for $99 [you will be re-directed to our sister company,, to purchase].

Or Join the VIP Sisterhood for $37 month and get all classes included with your membership.