Have you ever felt afraid?

I was at the mall.  My car was parked pretty far away from the front entrance, so when I left just around 8 pm, my car was pretty much “alone” because everyone else had left. 

However, when I went to get into my car, there was a truck with a guy parked right in front of my car (remember we were at the end of the lot with no other cars around).  He got out of his car, said his battery was dead and asked if I would jump start his truck. 

My gut told me that something was not right.  So I got into my car, locked the door and got the hell out of there. 

While I was able to get away, later I read about several women being attacked at this very mall.  It was a tactic to disable the victim’s car, assault and steal purses. 

So, I just wanted to share with you a couple of ways to keep yourself safe—even if you live in a low-crime area of the country.

  • Locate your keys to your house or car beforehand so you don't find yoruself digging for them in your purse
  • Lock car doors immediately after getting into your car
  • Don't talk on your cell phone – you will be able to spot "danger" earlier
  • If you suspect someone is following you, don't go home.  Drive to the police station, drive to a public area like a hotel or restaurant (alert the manager there) or call the police and let them know of your whereabouts and description of the person(s) and/or vehicle.
  • If in an elevator and you feel afraid, push all the buttons so the door opens on every floor.
  • Yell as loud as you can (Fire, Help, 911, etc.)
  • If someone wants your wallet or purse, give it to them, but toss it as far away as you can, which will give you an opportunity to escape.
  • If they have a weapon and are trying to get you inter a car, back alley, etc., DON'T comply. Putting up a fight and yelling gives you a better chance of survival.

I also recommend that you take a self-defense course. Or if you've taken one, but it has been years since you did so, consider brushing up on the latest self-defense strategies. 

Check with your local police department, community education office or karate/martial arts business, to see what courses are offered in your area. 

Another idea…hire a self-defense expert to teach a private class and invite your colleagues and/or business and referral partners to participate in the class as well.  A great course for anyone to participate in!