Goals To Consider at Every New Realtor Meeting

1. Gain an understanding of how they conduct their business

Ask questions about…

  1. Their best marketing strategies.
  2. How they prefer to be referred and what makes them stand out.
  3. Their methods for “wowing” their customers.
  4. What matters most to them about their referral partnerships.

Most importantly, focus on listening. You should talk 20% of the time and they should talk 80% of the time. Be encouraging and upbeat. Do NOT nod your head in agreement to their woes. Share your joys, not your fears.

2. Ask for permission to follow up with them

If you enjoyed their company and ONLY if you enjoyed their company, do you ask if they may find it valuable to remain connected. Ask if they would be open to receiving ideas, best practices, and other tips and resources that may help them to grow their business.

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