Girl on a Plane

So, I’m on the plane.  Waiting to take off.  A little  girl and her mother sat down next to me.  She told me she was 6 years old!

 (I thought to myself, oh, no—a child on a plane can sometimes be a bad thing—let alone one sitting next to me!)

Then, she opened her backpack and took out a pink, sequined, stuffed dragon!  She held it up to my face and said to me “My dragon is magic!”

    Me: “Wow, that’s awesome.”

    Her: “My magical dragon gives my brain magical powers too.”

    Me:  “Oh, how does it do that?”

    Her: “When I think about something, it comes true!”

What this little girl didn’t yet know is that if you can think it…it’s just the 1st step!

I can’t begin to tell you how many loan officers I talk with that have been “thinking” about doing “something”, yet can’t understand why they are “stuck” with closing just a couple of loans a month.   Because the 2nd step is—DOING IT!

Have you been thinking an idea– but don’t know where to start?  One of the huge, huge benefits on being a Mortgage VIP is that you have a group of women who WANT you to succeed!  Blog your questions on the website.  Send me a private message [email protected]

If I can’t help you, I usually know of someone who can.

So, what’s the one thing that you’ve been thinking about—that you know will increase your business—but just have not gotten around to doing it?

Please post your comments below so we can all lend a hand in getting you started towards step 2…DOING IT!