Getting Realtors to Remember that You are in the Mortgage Business

Remember when you were in school and had to memorize the Gettysburg Address? 

Or changed jobs and memorized the names of your new co-workers? 

Your brain is a muscle and, through repetition (and maybe a few memory hacks), you are able to recall what you need to know from your memory. 

Quote: Repetition creates long-term memory by eliciting or enacting strong chemical interactions at the synapse of your neuron (where neurons connect to other neurons). Repetition creates the strongest learning—and most learning, both implicit (like tying your shoes) and explicit (multiplication tables), relies on repetition.

So, what does that have to do with branding?  

You have to constantly remind real estate agents (and clients) that you are in the mortgage business—through repetition.

One of the easiest ways is adding your name in the subject line when sending out emails—or responding to an email sent to you. 

If you use the Done-4-You articles/content (included in your membership), use the title of the article as the subject line and add your name to it, too.

Example when sending one of the done-4-you articles via email: 

Email Subject:  How to Eliminate the Drama If You Are the Listing Agent- Tips by Karen Deis

Let’s say that a Realtor sends you an email with the subject line that says “Question About the Smith Loan.” When you reply, add YOUR NAME to the subject line.

Email Subject Line:  Questions about the Smith Loan – Reply from Karen Deis

Using this simple technique, including your name within the subject line of the email is one of the easiest ways to build name recognition (and memory) so when agents mention the word “mortgage,” they think of you.