Finding Joy in the Mortgage Business

With all the bull&%$ that is going on within the mortgage industry (rule changes, overlays, underwriting turn around times, difficult agents and buyers — I could go on and on but I won’t), it can be tough to find the JOY in what you do!

One of the ways that my good friend, Demas Lamas finds joy is by “stalking” his first-time homebuyer clients. He parks in front of their new home for 30 minutes. He watches them coming and going. Mowing the lawn. Playing in the yard. It helps him find the joy in helping families get started with the American Dream. (However, don’t get yourself arrested!)

When I was in the mortgage biz, I found my joy in attending 90% of my closings. Sure, it took a lot of time out of my week. But, it allowed me to get to know them. What changes they planned to make to the home. What school their children would go to. If they had friends and family nearby. It gave me joy just to hear the excitement in their voices — about moving into a new home.

Think about your mortgage practice and what you like about it. It could be getting a tough loan approved. The money. Time flexibility.

But more importantly, what part of it brings you joy?

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